A new nuclear crisis?

On 05 May 2019, United Sta­tes Natio­nal Secu­ri­ty Advi­ser John Bol­ton announ­ced the deploy­ment of an air­craft-car­ri­er strike group, led by USS Abra­ham Lin­coln, to the Per­si­an Gulf. Iran and the USA—on col­li­si­on cour­se? What can Euro­pe do?

Iranian foreign policy and the JCPOA

It was to a lar­ge extent reli­ef that was felt on 14 July 2015. On that day in Vien­na, the P5+1 reached a ground-brea­king agree­ment in the Nuclear Dis­pu­te with Iran. Why was the Ira­ni­an nuclear deal accep­ted by Ira­ni­an par­ties who initi­al­ly oppo­sed nego­tia­ti­ons in the first place?